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Injury and Healing Reference

This page presents summarized rules and tables for injury and healing in Dungeons of Olde.

Injury Status

Physical injury to characters is tracked by deducting points from their current Hit Point total. At any time, each character has one of five statuses, based on his current Hit Points.

Injury Status
Status Current Hit Points Effects
Healthy full HP None
Bruised 50% or more HP None
Bloodied less than 50% HP None
Incapacitated 0 HP or less Character is unconscious, and may not move or act in any way
Dead 0 - (full HP) or less Character may not be healed by any meanst short of resurrection

Conditions Imposed by Injury


Taking more than 50% of maximum Hit Points from a single injury may cause a character to become stunned.


A character who takes sufficient damage to fall to or below 0 Hit Points is dying. He is immediately incapacitated, and remains incapacitated until he heals to at least 1 HP. He is also bleeding, and will continue to lose an additional 1 HP per reset until another until stabilized.


When a character's current Hit Points have been reduced to or below the inverse of his maximum HP value (or 0 - maximum HP), that character is dead. He may not be healed conventionally or magically, and may only be revived via resurrection.

First Aid

The Healing skill may be to administer first aid to an injured character in the field. Conscious patients may apply First Aid to themselves, but the challenge rating is raised by 1 rank. Persons untrained in the Healing skill take a -2 penalty to their Check roll when attempting to Heal.

First Aid Tasks
Task Effect Challenge
Stabilize Removes bleeding condition
  • Bruised patient: CR 6
  • Bloodied patient: CR 9
  • Incapacitated patient: CR 9
Bind Wounds
  • Bruised patient: Restores 1 HP
  • Bloodied patient: Restores 2 HP
  • Incapacitated patient: Restores 2 HP
  • Bruised patient: CR 6
  • Bloodied patient: CR 9
  • Incapacitated patient: CR 9


An injured character rolls a Brawn or Nerve Check once every 24 hours to recover lost HP through recuperation. The challenge rating for the Check is determined by the conditions under which the patient is recuperating. Each rank of success on the Check roll restores 1 HP, but no HP are lost if the roll is failed. Exceptional outcomes on Recuperation Checks do not award character points.

Recuperation Table
Circumstances of Recuperation Challenge
Resting under comfortable conditions, such as a well-run hospital or upper-class home Easy (CR 6)
Resting under imperfect conditions, such as a field hospital or middle-class home Moderate (CR 9)
Resting under difficult conditions, such as a badly-run hospital or improvised shelter Hard (CR 12)
Prevented from resting at all, perhaps fleeing pursuit or being forced into physical labor Heroic (CR 15)

A caregiver can improve an injured character's chance of regaining lost HP each day with a successful Healing Check. The challenge rating for the Healing Check is based on the patient's status; each rank of success gives the patient +1 on his Recuperation Check. Caregiver Healing checks do not award character points for exceptional outcomes.

Caregiver's Effect Table
Status of Patient Challenge
Bruised Easy (CR 6)
Bloodied Moderate (CR 9)
Incapacitated Hard (CR 12)