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Damage and Healing

WARNING: Outdated Rules

The rules in this section have become obsolete following the recent rules overhaul. The most current version of the rules are those included in the Core Rules section of this website.

Section reserved for rules governing taking and healing damage.

Every character in Dungeons of Olde has a Hit Point stat, a secondary statistic based on Brawn and Nerve. When a character is injured, the amount of damage done by the injury is deducted from his current Hit Points, and when his current Hit Point value reaches zero or less, that character is incapacitated and at least temporarily out of play. A character may recover Hit Points in several ways, including the application of natural first aid or magical healing. This section of the rules details how characters take damage and recover from it in Dungeons of Olde.

Hit Points

As described in the rules for Secondary Statistics, Hit Points is a secondary stat based on Brawn and Nerve. A character’s base Hit Point value is equal to his Brawn statistic plus half of his Nerve statistic, or his Nerve stat plus half of his Brawn, whichever total is higher. When calculating Hit Points, round any fractions down to find the base value.

For example, if Audacia has Brawn 4 and Nerve 7, she has 9 Hit Points ( 7 for her Nerve, plus 4 Brawn divided by 2, for a total of 9 ).

Tracking Hit Points

Unless the game session is a continuation of a previous adventure already in progress, all characters begin play with their full Hit Point value. Changes to their Hit Point total during the game—generally due to damage or healing—are tracked using the Hit Point track on each character’s Character Card.

At the beginning of play, Audacia’s player will place a Hit Point counter (red heart icon on a green background) on the number 9 on the Hit Point track on her character card.

Taking Damage

Injuries may be delivered by an enemy attack, a trap, an accident, or a variety of other ways, but they are all quantified as a certain number of points of damage to be deducted from the affected character’s current Hit Point value.