Dungeons of Olde

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Character Points

WARNING: Outdated Rules

The rules in this section have become obsolete following the recent rules overhaul. The most current version of the rules are those included in the Core Rules section of this website.

Creating Characters

Characters for Dungeons of Olde are created by spending Character Points (CP) on Stats and Skills. Starting characters are typically allotted 20 CP, although this allotment may be altered by the Game Master, in a roleplaying campaign, or by the scenario instructions in a skirmish game. If the player splits these points evenly between Stats and Skills, he’ll have enough to purchase Stats of 6, 6, 7 and 8, along with familiarity with Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Riding (Horses), and sufficient competence in some sort of craft or trade to earn a middle-class living. By trimming a few points from his Stats, he could invest in a broader range of Skills, or achieve expertise in one or two Skills, creating a veteran or specialist. Alternately, he could make a novice with great potential by shifting Character Points away from Skills to improve his starting Stats.

In an extended campaign characters will gain additional Character Points as progress through their adventuring career. In a campaign

This section will contain rules for creating unique characters for Dungeons of Olde using a balanced point system.